Home Upgrades is just not another trades magazine. As home improvement business owners in the DFW area for more than 10 years, we have lived in your world and still do. What and who surrounds us inspired our name. We know what you want and understand first hand why precise target marketing potential clients is absolutely critical. Geographically, we target consumers who live in Collin county and live in homes above $200,000.

Why choose Home Upgrades over anyone else? We vow to produce a superior-quality publication that not only looks great on every coffee table, but also is a resource that homeowners will keep handy for their next remodeling, repair, or upgrade project. Home Upgrades makes it easy to promote your business within any advertising budget. We professionally design our ads with clean, easy-to-read, attention-grabbing graphics and content that focus directly on your target. Home Upgrades caters exclusively to the elite market and as a result each copy is mailed directly to a customized data base of high net-worth homeowners. Additional copies are distributed to high-end grocery stores and Realtor offices in surrounding areas each month. Home Upgrades is everywhere an advertiser wants to be. Providing you with the ideal method to reach highly converted consumers in the most cost effective manner.
Home Upgrades quality and content provide the perfect environment to build your brand, enhance your image and promote your product or service.

Because we’re particular about who advertises in Home Up- grades, we carefully select only advertisers who will successfully meet our readers’ needs. Therefore, readers always know we’re bringing them superior contractors—run by reliable owners who have led successful businesses for years. We feel that your business fits our publication and would like for Home Upgrades to be your advertising vehicle.

If you are interested in advertising with Home Upgrades magazine please contact us for media kits, and complete information.